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Footsteps of Buddha Tour

Day 01: Arrival at Mumbai

Representatives of Top India Tourism will warmly welcome you on the first day of your Footsteps of Buddha Tour on your arrival at Mumbai International Airport. You will be assisted in your boarding and lodging in a hotel at the city center. Rest of the day will be all yours.

Day 02: Mumbai

We will see the following Buddhist attractions of Mumbai on the second day of our tour:

Elephanta Caves : This UNESCO World Heritage Site is situated 11 km from Colaba in Mumbai. There are beautiful wall paintings and sculptures related to Buddhism in the historic caves.

Kanheri Caves : The Buddhist caves are situated north of Boriveli and comprise of 109 small rock cut cells having statues of Buddha.

Gateway of India : You can take a ferry ride to Elephanta Caves from this 26 m high gateway which has become a landmark of Mumbai. It is popular picnic destination also.

Jogeshwari Caves : Located in Mumbai suburbs, 3 km from Jogeshwari railway station, these Buddhist caves are considered to be the oldest in the region.

Other attractions of Mumbai are: Prince of Wales Museum, Chowpatty Beach, Marine Drive and Vasai Fort.

Overnight stay will be in a hotel at Mumbai.

Day 03: Mumbai-Aurangabad

We will drive to Aurangabad soon after our hearty breakfast on the third day of our Footsteps of Buddha Tour and visit its following attractions:

Aurangabad Caves : The sixth century caves have impressive statues of Buddha and some Hindu deities.

Siddhartha Garden : The beautifully landscaped garden has many varieties of shrubs and medicinal plants, and also houses a zoo.

Daulatabad Fort : The 12th century fort has a 5 km long wall and a serries of ramparts.

Purwar Museum : Located on Safara Road, the museum has 800 year old Paithani sari and other curios for the visitors.

Overnight stay will be in Aurangabad.

Day 04: Aurangabad- Excursion to Ajanta - Ellora Caves

We will be having excursions to the world famous Ajanta & Ellora Caves this day and visit their following attractions:

Ajanta Caves : The world heritage site of Ajanta Caves has 29 caves in all that have amazingly fine wall paintings and sculptures of Buddha, depicting his life and times. The caves have large halls and beautifully carved pillars.

Ellora Caves : The caves are situated 23 km from Ajanta Caves. This world heritage site has 12 Buddhist that have finely hand crafted wall paintings and sculptures of Lord Buddha, Bodhisattvas and his prominent disciples. There are 17 Hindu Caves and 05 Jain Caves in Ellora.

Other attractions of Aurangabad are: Daulatabad Fort, Jaikwadi Dam, Sunehri Mahal and Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum.

Day 05: Aurangabad-Jalgaon-Bhopal

We will see the following attractions of Jalgaon on the fifth day of our itinerary:

Parola Fort : The fort was built in 1727 and is believed to be that of the father of the famed Jhansi ki Rani.

Swinging Towers of Farkande : The 15 m long, 250 years old swinging towers are situated 16 km from Erandol.

Mehrun : This is a beautiful park located on Shirsholi Road

Padmalaya : The Ganpathi Peeth has a 4 ft long statue of mouse made of stone.

Other attractions of Jalgaon are: Bahinabai Park, Omkareshwar Mandir, Patnadevi and Ajanta-Ellora Caves.

We will move to Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh and have our overnight stay in a hotel there.

Day 06: Bhopal-Agra

We shall see the following attractions of Bhopal this day:

The Great Sanchi Stupa : This is the most prominent attraction for tourists to Bhopal. This World Heritage Monument was built by Emperor Ashoka in third century BC. It has massive gates with beautiful carvings, statues and engravings of Buddha. This World Heritage Site is the most popular draw of Sanchi for tourists the worldwide.

Bhimbetka Caves : The prehistoric caves are situated 46 km from Bhopal and wall paintings made by prehistoric men have been found in these caves.

Bharat Bhawan : It is a thriving center for contemporary verbal, visual and performing art forms.

Gohar Mahal : The beautiful palace is situated on the banks of Upper Lake.

Other attractions of Bhopal are : Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Gufa Mandir, Sair Sapata and Lower Lake.

We will move to Agra at night and have our overnight stay there.

Day 07: Agra – Sarnath

We will visit the following attractions of Agra on the seventh day of our itinerary:

Taj Mahal : This World Heritage Site is the prime draw for tourists to Agra and is counted among the Seven Wonders of the World.

Mehtab Bagh : Literally meaning the Moonlight Garden, it is a Charbagh Garden and is situated towards North of Taj Mahal.

Agra Fort : It is spread over 380 sq km area on the banks of river Yamuna in Agra.

Fatehpur Sikri : The city was founded by Emperor Akbar to honor the Sufi Saint Sheikh Salim Chishti.

Other attractions of Agra are: Buland Darwaza, Chini ka Rauza, Tomb of itmad-ud-Daulah and Dayal Bagh.

We will move to Sarnath after our sightseeing and have our overnight stay there.

Day 08: Sarnath - Varanasi

We will see the following attractions of Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh on the eighth day of our Footsteps of Buddha Tour:

Dhammek Stupa : The 43.6 m high stupa was originally built by Emperor Ashoka to mark the first visit of Lord Buddha to Sarnath. It has great archaeological significance.

Ashoka Pillar : The pillar has four lions on top sitting back to back guarding Dhamma Chakkka Wheels of Buddha. This Ashoka capital is adopted by Indian Government as is official State Emblem.

Chaukhandi Stupa : The stupa is built at the place where Lord Buddha met his first five disciples. Statues of first five disciples of Buddha could be seen here.

Thai Temple : It’s a Buddhist monastery which has been constructed in Thai architectural style.

We will move to Varanasi at night and have our overnight stay there.

Day 09: Varanasi – Bodhgaya (242 km / 6 hrs)

We will see the following attractions of Varanasi this day:

Ramnagar Museum : The museum has a good collection of elephant saddles, beautiful palanquins, textiles and manuscripts.

Ramnagar Fort : The 18th century fort was built by Maharaja Balwant Singh.

Jantar Mantar : The observatory was built by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1737 and is one of the popular tourist attractions of Varanasi.

Rana Mahala Ghat : It is situated on the western side of Varanasi and was built in 1670 by the king of Udaipur.

Other attractions of Varanasi are: Bharat Mata Mandir, Gyan Kup Well, Harish Chandra Ghat and Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

We will leave for Bodhgaya, the place where Buddha attained enlightenment at evening after our sightseeing.

Day 10: Bodhgaya

We will see the following attractions of Bodhgaya on the tenth day of our Footsteps of Buddha Tour:

Mahabodhi Mahavihara : The ancient shrine built by Emperor Ashoka is situated close to the Bodhi Tree under which Buddha attained Nirvana. It is the most sacred shrine of Buddhists all over the world. Buddha Poornima is celebrated here on a grand scale every year in which Dalai Lama also participates.

Bodhi Tree : The tree is descendent of the original Peepal tree under which Buddha attained Nirvana after weeks’ long meditation, which later came to be known as the Bodhi Tree.

Animesh Lochan Chaitya : The chaitya is situated at the place where Buddha meditated during the second week of his long meditation period to attain enlightenment.

Great Buddha Statue : The 80 feet high white marble Great Buddha Statue attracts tourists in large numbers. There are beautiful gardens around with statues of the prominent disciples of Buddha.

Other attractions of Bodhgaya are: Thai Monastery, Chinese Monastery, Japanese Monastery, Muchalinda Lake and Royal Bhutan Monastery.

Overnight stay will be in Bodhgaya.

Day 11: Bodhgaya-Patna (109 km / 3.5 hrs)

We will visit the following attractions of Patna, the capital city of Bihar this day:

Kumhrar Kumhrar : The archaeologically important area has Buddhist monasteries and other artifacts of Mauryan and Gupta periods.

Patna Museum : There is a Buddhist Relic Gallery in the museum which has several sculptures and other historic artifacts related to Buddha and Mauryan dynasty.

Gol Ghar : The peculiar beehive shape of this granary for erstwhile British Army in India is inspired by Stupa architecture.

Patna Planetarium : It is considered to be the largest planetarium in Asia and attracts thousands of visitors every month.

Other attractions of Bihar are: Martyr’s Memorial, Padri Ki Haveili, Folk Art Museum and Mangal Talab.

Overnight stay will be in a hotel in Patna city center.

Day 12: Patna-Kushinagar (253 km / 07 hrs)

We will drive to Kushinagar, the place of Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana on the twelfth day of our Footsteps of Buddha Tour and visit its following attractions:

Ramabhar Stupa : The stupa is believed to have been built by Malla Kings at the very place where Buddha was cremated.

Mahaparinirvana Vihara : The vihara has a 6 m long reclining statue of Lord Buddha in nirvana form which was built in 5th century AD.

Nirvana Stupa : Also known as Nirvana Chaitya, the 2.74 m high brick Chaitya was discovered by the British archaeologists in 1876.

Meditation Park : The lush green park has ideal settings to inspire one to go for meditations in complete solace for long hours.

Other attractions of Kushinagar are: Indo-Japan-Srilanka Temple, Wat Thai Temple, Chinese Temple and Kushinagar Museum.

Day 13: Kushinagar – Sravasti (Balrampur) (216 km / 05 hrs)

We will see the following attractions of Sravasti this day:

Jetavana Monastery : The 2nd century Buddhist monastery is situated in Velunana. Lord Buddha delivered his several discourses here.

Anathapindika Stupa : The stupa was built by Anathapindika, a chief disciple of Buddha who was a merchant by profession.

Saheth : There are several ancient monasteries spread over an area of 32 sq km in this region.

Balrampur : There are several shrines built in modern architectural style here.

Other attractions of Sravasti are: Payagpur, Maheth and Kharagpur.

Day 14: Sravasti-Lumbini (197 km / 4.5 hrs)

We will drive to Lumbini on the fourteenth day of our Footsteps of Buddha Tour and visit its following attractions:

Ashoka Pillar : The 3rd Century BC historic pillar erected by Emperor Ashoka marks the place where Prince Siddhartha was born who later became Lord Buddha after enlightenment.

The Sacred Garden : You can spend some peaceful time in complete solace in this beautiful garden.

Monasteries : There are several Indian and foreign Buddhist monasteries in Lumbini which are visited by numerous pilgrims.

The Crane Sanctuary : It is a protected here and a breeding ground for the endangered cranes.

Other attractions of Lumbini are: Lumbini International Research Institute (LIRI), Lumbini Museum, Sagarhawa and Nigilihawa.

Overnight stay will be in Lumbini.

Day 15: Lumbini-Kathmandu (By flight)

On the fifteenth day of our tour, we will fly to Kathmandu; the capital city of India’s neighboring country Nepal. Our executives will assist you in your boarding and lodging in a hotel at Kathmandu. Rest of the day will be at your pleasure. You will be served luscious dinner in your hotel room. Enjoy a sound sleep. We will see Kathmandu’s Buddhist attractions the next day.

Day 16: Kathmandu

You will be served hearty breakfast in your hotel room. We will start sightseeing of Kathmandu’s following attractions soon after that.

Boudnath : This is one of the largest Stupas in the world and is largely managed by Tibetan monks.

Hiranya Varma Mahavihar : This three storey Golden Pagoda was built by King Bhaskar Varma in 12th century.

Mahaboudha Vihara : Also known as the Temple of Thousand Buddhas, it is situated near Durbar Square. Its architecture is inspired by the Mahavihara of Bodh Gaya.

Nagarkot : We will enjoy a beautiful sunset view from here in the backdrop of snow clad Himalaya peaks.

Other attractions of Kathmandu are: Chovar, Patan, Historical National Museum and Naryanhity Durbar.

Overnight stay will be in hill resort in Kathmandu.

Day 17: Kathmandu – Departure

This will be the last day of your Footsteps of Buddha tour. Executives of Top India Tourism will pick you up from your resort after you had your delicious breakfast and escort you to Kathmandu International Airport from where you can board in the flight way back to your home with treasured memories of Footsteps of Buddha Tour in your heart.

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